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Address: Hettenheuvelweg 18
1101 BN, Amsterdam Zuidoost
Telephone: +31(0)20 364 2410

Welcome to RCCG Europe Mainland Mission

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Europe Mainland Mission was created by the General Overseer of the mission, Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye in August 2002 with only a few parishes in five countries.  The Europe Mainland (EM) Mission today spans across some 46 countries and over 230 Parishes in Europe, excluding the United Kingdom. For administrative ease, the Mission is divided into three Regions – 1 (with headquarters in the Netherlands), 2 (with headquarters in Spain) & 3 (with headquarters in Sweden), pastored by Pastors Dele Olowu (Mission Chair), Leke Sanusi and David Oludoyi respectively.

With administrative headquarters located at the RCCG House of Wonders, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Europe Mainland Mission holds a regional bi-annual congress - The European Congress for Christ involving all churches across denominational barriers and a bi-annual Leadership & Ministers' Conference.


How Far We Have Gone:

a. Taking the Nations: 

The first phase of EMs mission activities is to take the nations of Europe for Christ. This initial objective is almost completed and has been greatly blessed by the Lord. Hence, the Europe Mainland Mission is gradually moving from this first phase, which focused on entering into new countries in Europe to the second phase of missionary activities in a region whose peoples once served Christ but have largely become anti-Christian in their outlook. The second phase consists of incursion into major cities where there are no RCCG parishes and expanding the work where parishes exist.

b. Structural Changes: 

The Europe Mainland Mission launched a Strategic plan in 2012 which helped to define the basic structure of the parish, area, zonal and provincial units. This structure is presently being reviewed.

C. Making disciples of the Nations:  

The mobilization of disciples through the School of Disciples (SoD), European Leadership Academy (ELA) and most recently School of Missions (SoM) has helped our work in no mean manner.

d. Projects: 

The Europe Mainland Mission in the recent times embarked on several projects focusing on outreach awareness raising and other objectives that enhances our mission in Europe. The projects include;  Youth Outreach, African Mission, Men's Fellowship, Mission Tours and building projects. These projects were designed to ameliorate the lives of those within the society.

There is also a special outreach project to Campus Youths called the "Campus Koinnect". The Koinnect aims to link up Christian youths on campus with the aim of developing a global campus fellowship for youths. The Koinnect has its own social media site, which serves as an avenue for linkage (www.campuskoinnect.org).

The Europe Mainland Mission registered its African Mission as a charitable not-for-profit organization giving it its own life. The operation of the African Mission project specifically reaches out to the neediest in the society without religious undertones. There are presently projects in North African countries - Egypt --The project helps in develop entrepreneurial skills required for livelihood and Zimbabwe, an orphanage center and an education center in Ethiopia and Uganda. 

The Mission Tour (www.missiontours.eu) project is both an educational and recreational initiative that gives participants firsthand experience of biblical times. The Mission first tour tagged, "Tracing the Footsteps of Apostle Paul" in July 2013 took participants through Paul's missionary journey in Cyprus. For subsequent years, there are plans to cover cities and sites in Turkey and Cyprus.

e. Programmes: 

Besides the bi-ennial EuroCongress that has been organized since 2003, Provinces of the Mission host a conference for their ministers annually. A Regional Conference for Ministers is also rotated among all the countries of Europe Mainland. While the EuroCon is an outreach programme the Ministers' Conference is a refreshers programme for RCCG workers and leadership.


Mission Focus - Where we want to be:

The Lord has as a result of the above efforts, repositioned us in Europe. We are invited by other churches to participate in the work of their missions and also non-Christian organizations including the governments have begun to recognize our existence and consult us on key issues. Our strategic focus is to bring about an enlargement of our parishes and work especially among indigenes and the people of the land, using young people. Ministry to men, women and families as our entry points.

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