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June 2017 Message


Welcome to the month of June. We bless the Lord for the grace He released to us in the month of May for new beginnings in different areas of our lives.

In Luke 1.26 we read that a young lady, a virgin was visited by Angel Gabriel to announce to her that she would have a baby boy who would be bless the whole world. This was in the sixth month. We trust the Lord to visit you this month with His special favor for supernatural increase in the Lord’s mighty Name.

It is important if you believe this to change a few things in your life. First, please change your talk. The same angel told Mary that her cousin, Elizabeth was also miraculously pregnant after divine visitation. This means what the Lord did for these families is able to do for any who would believe and walk in the manner that brings such a visitation. But what the angel did not tell Mary was that Elisabeth’s husband has become dumb, could no longer speak. Why? Because he wondered how it could happen that he and his wife can have a child in their old age and actually voiced it out…the angel said since our mouths are so powerful, they determine our destinies (Pro.18.20-21; Mt.12.36-37), its better we keep your mouth shut.  Please let us learn from this and also from Mary who agreed with the angel by saying…Let it be to me according to your word. This must be your prayers throughout this month.

Second, let us love and walk in the manner that would attract divine visitation this month because every time the Lord visits His people it leads to supernatural increase….Abram and Sarah had a similar visitation (Gen 18), Manoah and his wife, the parents of Samson also did. (Judges 13).

Thirdly, what would help us to speak differently this month in accordance with the Lord’s word is the change in our thoughts. Please encourage everyone in your family and your church to change their words to be consistent with God’s thought concerning them….With God nothing shall be impossible…Lk.1.37. The One who is Alpha and Omega is not limited like man. He has the key to open and close and no one can do anything about that. Hannah’s womb was closed by God Himself and because she prayed aright and walked aright she was divinely visited and her womb was opened.

Businesses, churches, and our lives would experience in this month supernatural increase as the Lord visits us. His Holy Spirit would be the agent of divine visitation and execution. Seek for spiritual gifts this month more than you ever did before. He will lift you higher and above all obstacles.  Lk 1.35.

Once again, welcome to the month of Divine Visitation for Supernatural increase.


D. Olowu

June 1, 2017