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New Year Greetings


We bless the Lord for His mercies on us all in the first quarter of this year.

Two events mark this new month from all other months. The first is the Easter when the whole world celebrates the resurrection of Christ, the only One to resurrect and never to die again. The second event is the Euro convention/Congress which takes place between 19th and 21st of the month, about a week after the Easter celebrations.

What makes a difference between a person and another, sons, servants and kings alike is the amount of Godís glory or anointing they carry. What makes the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat is the presence or absence of Godís glory. When Godís glory was with Israel they easily overpowered and defeated nations that were stronger and mightier than them. However, when the glory left Israel, the unimaginable happened. Israel was defeated by her enemies, the ark was taken, Godís priests that carried it were killed in battle and thousands of Godís people died. A child that was borne at that time was called Ichabodóthe glory of the Lord had departed. (1 Sam 4. 10-11, 21-22). The glory did not return until the time of David and Solomon who were great worshippers of Jehovah but after them the glory departed to come back with the Lord Jesus (Ez. 10.18-19, 11: 16-23).

The scriptures tell us that the Lord Jesus carried the fullness of Godís glory (Jn1.14; Col.1.19). When we allow Him to reside in us in full dominion He begins to manifest His glory (Col.1.27). He does this in three ways via the One whom He sent after leaving the earth physically, the Holy Spirit. First, through the GIFTs which manifest especially as we evangelize and share our testimonies with others (1 Cor.12.7-12, Mk.16.17-20). These charismatic gifts are essential for bringing souls to His Kingdom but not sufficient to keep them. Secondly, therefore He manifests through character changes called GRACES or FRUITS of the Holy Spirit. Finally, as we continue to obey the daily leadings and promptings of the Holy Spirit, He causes His GOODNESS and MERCY to follow us. He does more than we can ask or think. (Ps. 23.6; Is.30.21-23, Col.3.20), giving us victories without fighting any battles in some cases. Without the glory there can be no victory. But with the glory, victory is certain in every realm.

This month is therefore your month of glory and victory.  The Lord Jesus Christ invites you and I to come and drink deep from His Holy Spirit until we are completely drunk or carried by HimÖso that rivers of living waters (gifts, graces, and goodness) flow from our lives to others (Jn.7.37-39; Eph.5.18). Please engage fully with the Holy Spirit this month.  Carry extra vessels of His SpiritÖso you would know Him and the power that gave Him resurrection. 

Welcome to the month of glory and victory. Having prepared us for His glory, we can now bask in that glory and the victories which the divine visitation by His servants and celebration of Christ during the three day event of the Eurocongress makes possible. Let your desire be to know Him fully and the power of His resurrectionÖ.Phil.3.10.

D. Olowu

April 1, 2017