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Special Thanksgiving


(Jan. 13, 2018 Message to NLM)


After giving thanks for the New Year in our different parishes last Sunday, the question arises: what are we coming together for on a day like this for a special thanksgiving? Is this another time of organized waste of time? The answer is simply no but is made in 9 short statements:

1.    God commanded ALL His people to come together to praise Him if they want to see their land release its increase to them. Ps. 67. 5-7. Remember that He is the creator of the earth—including the land of every nation. Ps. 24.1.

2.    God commanded ALL His people to come together to repent of own sins and on behalf of their land if they want to see healing and prosperity. 2 Chronicles 7.14; Joel 2. 16-24.

3.    It is established practice in RCCG for all of God’s people to come together at the beginning of the year—outside of their parishes---to worship and pray together and :

--an opportunity to forgive and prevent a carryover of hurts as we cross over into the New Year.

--an opportunity to thank God for His goodness in the past Year (2017), what He is doing presently, and what He has promised to do. Ps. 50.14-15.

5.  An opportunity to pray together on the PROMISES and PROPHECIES of the New Year. The main prophecy for this New Year (2018) is: TOTAL AND COMPLETE VICTORY.

Stubborn mountains will move/ Saboteurs will be displaced and replaced.

6. An important point about victory is that it is not possible to accomplish it without battles. There would therefore be many battles this year. In all spheres of life—sports, business, church, civil and international battles/wars, victory is achieved NOT by STRENGTH OR WEAPONS OF WAR but by WISDOM. Eccl. 9.16a, 18. No wonder the preacher advised—Wisdom is the principal thing, get understanding.

7. There are two types of wisdom: Worldly wisdom or cunning vs Godly wisdom. The FIVE attributes of Godly wisdom are: PURE, PEACEABLE, OPEN TO REASON, WITHOUT HYPOSCRISY or PARTIALITY. Those who possess Godly wisdom are characterized by:

A. Seek and welcome God’s commandments /instructions through regular meditation by which they receive revelations from the Lord. (Revelations lead to revolutions). …as they pursue these with single minded devotion until achieved, many times in the company of like-minded associates. (Wise men of Mt. 2). Prov. 10.8.

B. Humble, submit to divine correction and worship the Lord with their mouths, means, substance and time. They are sacrificial.

9. In return God covers them with His glory. Prov. 3.35. (Cf with foolish who are covered with shame).  Our prayer for you therefore is that you will walk in God’s wisdom in 2018.  Hence, you will be covered with God’s glory and He will fight all your battles.