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June 2017 Message


As we prepare for the 65th International Convention themed Hallelujah, we must spend the new month praising the Lord for bringing us this far as God’s people with a covenant under the banner of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Whichever way we look at it we should indeed spend the whole of this month praising the Lord. He enabled the church to transform from being a denomination of a few parishes across the south-western Nigerian landscape to a genuinely global organization, with presence in 196 countries. Considering the fact that there are actually only 210 countries and territories on the face of the earth, we have indeed come a long way.

Moreover, even though the enemy had tried at different times and in many places to douse the fire of revival and the power of the Holy Spirit in this church, His Presence remains real  in all countries, climates and regions of the world in His church. 

Finally, the Lord is renewing the strength of our leaders to conduct global crusades almost on a weekly basis. We speak here not only of our father in the Lord, Pastor Enoch Adeboye but also the large number of past and present leaders at the level of Deputy General Overseer, Mummy in Israel, Assistant General Overseers, Special Assistant to the General Overseers, Regional and Provincial pastors besides the multitudes of pastors, evangelists and teachers. The social actions of the mission under such banners as African Missions and Corporate Social Responsibility that have brought light, schools, health clinics, water boreholes, repaired school buildings etc is endless to number.

Indeed, we must all sing and praise the Lord with our ‘Ebenezer’ (Help from above) raised high. 1 Sam.7.12.

You must look back also on what the Lord has done for you and your family not only in the realm of physical accomplishments like having a job, promotion, home and children and perhaps grandchildren etc but also of the spiritual blessings of salvation, healing, deliverance, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit and the assurance that if you have to leave this world you have an eternal abode waiting for you.

But we are not to thank Him only for the past. We must bless Him for what He promised to  do as we enter  the RCCG new year. In January He promised us a year of total restoration. August must therefore be a month of new beginning and restoration on many fronts as we praise and worship Him.

One of the most enlightening teachings of the scriptures is that as we praise and thank Him, He gives us more and new reasons to thank Him. Your pleasant surprises await you as you praise the Lord in this season in the Lord’s great and glorious Name. May you discover the faith that enables you to secure healing and wholeness in this season. Lk. 17.17-19.

Therefore welcome to the Month of Praise and New Beginning. Kindly spend as much time praising the Lord for what He has done, what He is doing and what He has promised to do. His performance and promises are the same. Hallelujah…

SATGO/Europe Mainland

July 31, 2017